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Pain like a rubber band snapping question

Hey ladies, I've posted a few times now. I'm just finishing up the two month waiting period my doctor gave me to see if going on birth control would magically fix everything that's been happening recently. (Spoiler alert: it hasn't.) I have had awful periods since I was a teenager and I have been acutely aware of them growing steadily worse through my 20's into my early 30's and, about a year ago, they started getting significantly bad enough that I started tracking them. By the time I had a clear pattern emerging, 8 months later, and was finally ready to admit something was wrong and go to the doctor, it seemed like all hell broke loose. That was in January.

Since then, things have escalated at a frightening pace. I was off of work one day in January, three in February, five in March, and eight in April. I've already had to call in twice this month.

Since February, I've found myself having this weird sensation a few times when I stand up - it's like a rubber band that's been pulled too tight and is snapped back into place. It's a vertical pain that is located down low in my pelvis. I've had some soreness for a day or two after and have had to move gingerly for a few days, but otherwise, it's not been too much of an issue.

I've just finished my second month of the new pill they put me on so I'm on PMS overdrive and about to have a hellish week. I've had to sleep on our recliner for the past two nights because laying flat in bed is too painful - I have to have a bunch of pillows under my knees and be sitting fairly upright to keep things from hurting as much as possible and the back pain has been excruciating. This sitting fetal position is the most comfy thing I can find.

So then last night I got up to go pee and that rubber band pain was back only it was FAR worse than it's been yet. I screamed it hurt so bad. I managed to limp to the bathroom, doubled over because I couldn't stand upright, and when I tried to pee, I could feel whatever it was that felt pulled - like it was attached to my urethra and trying to pee was pulling on it. I did my best to relax my body and was able to empty my bladder and then I limped back to bed/the recliner.

This morning, I am very sore down there and I'm moving tenderly, if I need to at all. I've went to the bathroom and didn't have any more issues peeing, which is good, but I was just wondering if this makes sense to anyone? Has anyone experienced this? Should I be concerned? I have a follow up with my GP this Friday during which I plan on insisting on a referral to the Endo specialists here in Edinburgh. I've reached the end of my Just Be Patient rope, but can I wait until then or should I be concerned about this being addressed more urgently?

Thank you for your time and for reading all that.

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Sorry to hear your having such a rough time. I too had that feeling and I was told it was where the endo had 'glued bits together. I would say just wait for your follow up unfortunately there's not alot anyone else will do. Good luck xx


I have experienced this sensation once since my first diagnostic lap. I suspect it may be caused by one of the endo adhesions that have pulled my bowel out of its correct anatomical position and made things stick or be more rigid rather than slide around as they should as you move being "twanged". But that is just my guess.


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