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ESA nightmare

To cut a long story short I had a convulsion when I was 21, I fell flat on my face from standing position, I smashed my face in, went to hospital and that was that. About a year later I started getting severe pain in my neck. Doctors ignored me for 16 years. Finally I got an appointment for a scan, after the scan I was telephoned to say I had to have emergency surgery on my neck, they said they couldn't understand how I was not paralyzed. I had surgery which was a spinal decompression with plates and cage. I had this done on 4 discs, there are only 7 in your neck. The surgery went well however, I was getting chronic pain I was having trouble working, as the years went on I got worse now in 2017 I spend most of my time in bed. The consultant said I was getting chronic pain as I was left to long, I now have stenosis of the spine I am only 45. I have yet again just been for my interview for the fact I now have stenosis which is different.i have been on ESA now for 5 year's. I don't know if I could survive being turned down again I was on job seekers for a while, got some really vile people speaking to me. I just want some advice really. Many thanks Michelle

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I'm not sure if any of the other ladies here can advise about ESA but this is a forum about Endometriosis. Sorry to hear about what you're dealing with xxx


Hi, It sounds like you've had a dreadful experience, and I hope you get some help with the ESA from someone/somewhere. As Janine33 has already said, this help site is about Endometriosis, but some of the women on here may be able to give general advice about ESA, although obviously not in relation to your specific conditions.

However, this 'Endo UK' site is only one of hundreds of ... Health Help ... sites, here on 'Health Unlocked'. So, if you go to 'Health Unlocked' itself, you will find a list of all the different health help sites they have, and you should find some sites that are more closely linked to your conditions. If you post on several of those, I'm sure you will get a wide response, as ESA is one of the things that people seem to ask about on the 3 sites I belong to.

I hope this helps, take care.



Have you been on the Benefits and Work website? They really know their stuff about ESA and PIP so it might be worth looking there for help.

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