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Leg/Arm Muscle Numbness

Hi all!

I was diagnosed with endermetriosis a year ago and had a laparoscopy during which I had endermetrium removed from both ovaries and the back of my uterus.

I now only have periods every 4 months to help deal with the pain (Which has not gone away despite surgery). This is possible through the pill.

However, now i am experiencing numbness and are currently going through blood tests etc. Im wracking my brain to think about why i have numbness on and off in my legs, arms and hands. I live a very healthy lifestyle, exercising regularly etc.

I noticed other people on this forum complaining of numbness and tingling?

And body experience similar things/been told its unrelated to endermetriosis etc?

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I wonder if it could be to do with the pill you're taking? Which one are you taking? Xxx


Mercilon! I went into the NHS walk in centre and she checked me for clots etc and said I was fine


Hey there I get this it's a mad one doc told me before it was in my head but the reason for mine is the endo on tendons that support the womb have nerves running through the endo interfere with nerves which hence you feel in other parts body referred pain. That's my situation I'm not sure whether that's the rule for everyone I was just glad wasn't in my head. I'm on cocktail of meds still bed ridden most time.

You say they removed most of it then maybe they removed stuff that's close to nerves ligaments ext I spose any surgery is dangerous and can have small implications. It's worth talking to your doc about it.

Stay safe and hope pain free X

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