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Radiating pain

Hi all, I've had the merina coil for 14 months now and it really has helped a huge amount. Almost no periods, sometimes a very light one that lasts a couple of days which isn't ever really fresh red blood. Not much pain at all.

I had a very light period a couple days ago with very little pain but today I'm having pelvic and back pains radiating down my legs and arms, everywhere! I've been falling asleep all day too. It's really upsetting and I've not felt like this in so long, I hoped the coil was the miracle "cure" and now I'm scared my endometriosis is just going to take over again 😞

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I am sorry to hear you are in pain . I had the mireana coil and the same thing happened to me. It was great for the first two years and then the pain started to get more frequent. It did keep my periods light though. I went to my doctors who prescribed mefenamic acid. This did ease the pain a lot. You may also want to ask for your coil to be checked just to rule out if it has come out of place.

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