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Has anyone had to leave work due to endometriosis?

I am really struggling with my jobs I work in childcare environments, constantly tired and in pain. If anyone works in this environment do you have any tips for the tiredness. I have heat pads on during the day and take paracetamol but it's not helping then come home time I am drained and burst into tears with the amount of pain I am in.

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:( I run a daycare from my home. Several families depend on me so I too have to work through the fatigue and pain. I dont have much advice. I take Vitamin D and vitamin C to try to boost my energy and health in general. Prayer, music and chocolate help me through my day!! :) although I have heard ladies with endo shouldnt eat chocolate?....

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I work in childcare, I have an incredibly supportive boss and team. I wear a mini tens machine everyday at work and have it on whichever setting feels fit. I also ensure I take paracetamol and buscopan regularly to try and keep on top of things. I used to be afraid to say if I was struggling however now I just say if I am struggling and I receive amazing support. I am the same comes to the end of my shift and I'm exhausted in pain I just do my best to get through each day x

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