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I first started going to my Drs when I was 14 with heavy periods, lots of pain, really bad bloating and they planed me off until I was around 18 maybe. I went to have some swabs done and the nurse made a comment that I had a lining on the outside of my womb when it should be on the inside. I though this was strange and mentioned it to my Dr who said it is probably nothing. I have been on the micro pill since I was 15 in an attempt to control my symptoms. At the age of 19 I feel pregnant on the pill and lost the baby. Again my Dr said it's just one of those things.

At 21 I got them to agree to give me an external and internal scan where they found loads of cysts on my ovaries. They also suggested I had endometriosis. I waited 18 months to get a letter about having the cameras and the lasers to help me reduce my symptoms!! In the mean time I was given an array of pills and treatments in an attempt to make my life a bit more comfortable. I have days where I can move too far from a toilet because my periods are that heavy. Or I have 3 different sized jeans depending on how sore my stomach gets. I am always tired, always miserable, I was a skinny minny before all these pills. Now I have a solid 12 and a half stone and I cannot for the life of me shift it. I work out for an hour Mon-Friday and stay active on weekends. My calories are cut to 1000. Not a single pound lost in 10 weeks.

Anyway last summer I had an appointment with my specialist because I wasn't happy with the rate of my treatment and she informed me that I should probably consider being put through the menopause and I should be greatful for that treatment. I was livid. Menopause is a difficult thing to experience in later life let alone at the age of 23! Plus I want a family. Menopause takes ages to get through and another year or so to get out of. It wasn't to me a solution that should have been provided to a 23 year old.

I continued on the pill they suggested. I got pregnant again and lost it again at 15 weeks. I am at the end of my teather with it. I am back on the waiting list for treatment but my specialist said because I can fall pregnant I am not high priority. And I just can't cope anymore.

Any advise?

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