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Someone please help... I am desperate :(

So long story short, since August/September last year I've had varying from bareable to horrific stomach pains every day which until now have been on a steady-ish level of pain.

This 'period' they have got significantly worse before the time of bleeding to the point of me falling to the ground in public with my mum twice, and not being able to walk at all and being huddled because i simply couldn't move just felt like a knife had gone through me.

My 'period' and all other random bleeding ( random timing e.g. up to three weeks solid of just clots and brown blood, after sex, during sex - you get the picture) if you can call it a period it is just chunks of old blood - very dark and with clots, though light for the most part.

I have had all STD tests done multiple times by the Drs which because i'm 21 it seems they have just continually parred me off to be frank. I don't have anything, never have in my life. I was referred to a Gastroentorolgist ( because obviously just parred off with IBS but to check for IBD) and after literally months of being like ' it isn't a gastro. problem'. I have finally been referred to a gynaecologist - this was end of February - to find out that they are fully booked till end of June and I'm on a 'waiting list' as I am not seen to be priority.

I don't know if it is endometriosis or what but I've just had to struggle through the last year of my degree attending about 5 lectures in total this year. And am hoping to do my PGCE in September.

If I list my symptoms can anyone just try and help me deal with them and if it corresponds with what they have experienced, mentally I feel like I'm going crazy at this point. I'm also not on any hormonal contraception because I was told to see if my body goes back to normal (this has been since January ) But it seems at least this month, it is exceptionally worse pain wise.

-Irregular bleeding - varying from literally all the bloody time to not bleeding for two months

- ONLY bleeding old blood - I have only had what looks like new blood in a form of a clot within cervical mucus - three days last week, two consecutive the other a few days later.

-Stomach pain every day that come and go - varying from someone stabbing me to snapping my pelvis and just a general sense of someone twisting my organs

- Pain during sex - similar to the stabbing pains i described it as 'being lightsabered'- its not a result of my partner he feels awful and that it is his fault i'm in so much pain

- Bleeding during/after sex - this has varied from a stupid and worrying amount of blood to the point of stopping intercourse to a tiny bit during and bleeding tiny amount up to half an hour or so after

- Constipation

- Tiredness

- And randomly related or not, I have developed eczema and rashes (again - use to get it as a child) on my face and arm.

-Pain in top of leg/under pelvis

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I have also had blood in my stool multiple times on and off


I had a quick read through some of your previous posts and see that along with the symptoms above you mentioned blood in stools. Your symptoms point to endometriosis and if so it is likely to be severe. Old blood means that it is staying in your uterus rather than flowing freely and this could mean endo affecting your cervix and restricting the flow. You need to see a highly skilled specialist in endometriosis and not someone in general gynaecology. If it is at all possible for your family to pay for a private consultation with one I would strongly recommend it as you need to be seen by the right people as soon as possible. You would then be treated on the NHS. Will pm you.

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Thank you, I have joined the group. I can't afford to, I could probably scrape the money together to just get the consultation but that won't fast track anything at all.On a day to day basis it is bearable - for pain, but I have had nothing like this the week before 'bleeding' and during but luckily it was only three days of old blood in small amounts. I'm really worried now :(


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