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Endo on the bowel and IBS

Hello guys,

I've been diagnosed last Dec with endo and most of it was diffusible all over my bowel. I had excision surgery but the doctor couldn't get it all out. I took lupron for 3 months and now I am on the pill.My period pain got a lot better but I have also intense IBS symptoms throughout my cycle. Is there anyone here with a similar experience? Does anyone know if those symptoms are endo-related and what can be done so that they can be managed?

Thanks in advance ;)

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Yes IBS symptoms are typical of endo on the bowel. As the surgeon couldn't get it all I suspect it must be deep in which case it could irritate the bowel all the time rather than cyclically as might be the case if it were just affecting the outside and you were having periods. In the UK we have a system called BSGE accreditation for surgeons who treat severe endo who must have done advanced excision training. I did see that an endo centre in Greece has applied for accreditation through our system. I don't know if this might be an option for a second opinion for you but you will see it on this list:




Thank you so much for your detailed answer. The truth is in Greece the health care system is a bit behind as far as endometriosis goes. I try and see if this could be an option for me. Thanks again Lindle

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You might find that following the endo diet may help. I find that my bowel symptoms improve if I avoid gluten, dairy and refined sugar xxx


Thank you Janine :) . It is something I was also considering following and hearing that it worked for you, makes me wanna try it.


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