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Consultant appointment

Hello all. I have my first consultant appointment tomorrow with a gynaecologist tomorrow. I had an appointment with a GP in December, ultrasound in January and I finally get to see a consultant tomorrow. I've always had painful periods whether I'm on the pill or not and since November its been really painful to have sex (during and afterwards) and recently it has started to hurt when trying to pee (although this is only after I have sex).

I'm really worried I'm going to see the consultant tomorrow and he's going to say its all in my head? I don't think it helps that I suffer from mild depression and I've been told in the past, mental health sufferers can feel physical pain as well.

I'm started to get really frustrated with this pain, especially as my boyfriend and I rarely have sex anymore, and although he's very supportive I feel really bad that whatever is happening to my body is affecting our sexual relationship. I'm just worried that I'm going to leave tomorrow's appointment with no more knowledge any more of an idea about what is causing the pain.

Can anyone give me any advice about what will actually happen in my appointment tomorrow?

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Hi my advice to you is be completely honest. I was of the same opinion as you. If you have not had the results of your tests he might discuss these with you. He might offer you a trans vaginal scan to do more research. He will ask you questions that you may have already answered lots of times , good luck


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