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Hi everyone,

I was diagnosed with endo a few years ago and after a laparoscopy the pain subsided, however I have now been experiencing chronic pain again along with what feels like nerve pain in my pelvis. Painkillers are unable to touch the pain along with physiotherapy, so I'm starting to struggle at work.

I just wanted to know how people deal with their chronic pain and working? I don't know if I can carry-on working with this pain and I'm really worried about how I'm going to deal with it.

Thank you in advance xxx

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Hi I am feeling exactly the same just now!really struggling to get through every day at work and it is starting to get me down!I don't think people realize that you are not only in excruciating pain when you are on your period but for me it lasts for the majority of the month and then starts all over again!I am currently not taking contraceptive pill so I really do feel like I am suffering constantly!We are now also attending fertility clinic because have been trying to conceive for over a year.I definitely agree it is a real struggle to work with endo!x

I definitely agree, people don't realise it's not just bad period pain! I hope you feel ok today x

Hi!!! I have the same problem, I have surgery 12 years ago for endo cyst on my ovary, around 1 year ago the pain came back worse also on my pelvis, my doctor recomend a MRI because I didn't supect this was releate to endo by it was, two cyst o each ovary they found :( I recenly got suegery again, maybe you should go and check it out! But how I manage my was being strong at work, I take advil liquid and go work and think positive, that you are strong and the pain will pass!!! exercice help a lot!! walking walking walking

I haven't had an Mri since my surgery so maybe I could have a cyst, although nothing showed up on my last Mri but when yhey did surgery it was there, I will see what my doctor thinks when I see them, I hope your pain improves soon x

No idea how I deal with it, I just do. Most days anyway. I have called in sick today as I'm in a lot of pain following an internal scan yesterday. My boss is not understanding. Sorry you are also struggling with pain.

I think you just need to rest as much as possible, it can make life pretty boring, but weekends for me now are times to completely relax so that I can be ready to tackle the week on a Monday and manage as many days as I can. I find by Wednesday the pain is bad and I'm struggling but somehow just get through. I don't agree with the other poster suggesting walking a lot as for me it will cause me to flare, and most likely the same for you if you have nerve pain.

Is the physio you have had specifically for pelvic pain?

Hi thank for your reply, the physio is specifically for pelvic pain but it's not helping much, I hope your pain improves soon x

I've had to cut back to 2 days per week work & have just started taking amitriptyline, which is used for chronic pelvic pain / nerve damage. I'm really hoping it helps.

Thank you I might ask my doctor about this today x

I was made redundant before Christmas (always suspected it was because of my ill health and taking time off each month). It was a shock, but I had laps planned over Christmas anyway, so I worked out the bare minimum I'd need to live on, separated my redundancy money into chunks, paid myself each month, and took my time to recover, try new exercise, diet and relaxation regimes. I started a new job yesterday. I was offered a number of interviews and even a few jobs. I was going for work that was a bit less taxing and required fewer skills. This gave me the confidence to ask for fewer hours (I'd always worked full time until now) and I have had to take a pay cut, but it is still more than I was allowing myself to live on in my redundancy monthly pay checks. I've also had counselling. I realised I'm gaining more by having a less stressful job, uncaring unsupportive manager and more time for me and my husband. I put a monetary value on being able to spend quality time with my husband, do more gardening, see my family (long weekends allow for this now) and time to really enjoy my home and do hobbies that help me to relax. I'm actually earning more now, taking all this into consideration. My quality of life has gone up. So far I am enjoying my job, it is flexible and I am working from home with some travel to the surrounding area in the South East of the U.K. I hope you find a better position that suits your needs more if that is what you want.

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