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Hi ladies, hope everyone is doing okay. I had a trans vaginal ultrasound today at my GP surgery as I've been having bad pain in my ovaries lately which I've never had before. The sonographer was reluctant to give me any info and told me to wait until I saw my doctor for the full report but he did say it looks likely that there is a cyst on my right ovary and that both ovaries are covered in cysts suggesting PCOS. He also suggested my uterus was very bulky. My gynae at the John Radcliffe has already diagnosed Adenomyosis (as far as she can without hyst) so the uterus being bulky is no surprise. PCOS hasn't ever been mentioned to me though. Does anyone else have this as well as endo? Is it common to have both? What are the next steps? I am reluctant to try anything else hormonal as I've had enough of it. I hardly know what pain is what at the moment. Would be grateful for any advice. Have also posted on the Facebook group xx

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I have pcos as well I didn't know that either until sonographer said like you I asked during transvaginal scan , never been meantioned by gyne just mentioned recently in an ultrasound after mess up ablation. I also have adenomyosis I am awaiting hysterectomy after ablation which multiplied already chronic pain x 5 in my uterus and bowel and bladder spasms 😔😔 I also have mild endo think pcos is very common . 😔


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