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Is it endo? Symptoms?

Hey hoping someone here can lift a little weight of my shoulders. I've been googling symptoms constantly and have been back and forth to doctors, a&e etc for over a year now with mostly left sided pain. Sometimes its constant and sometimes its a throbbing stabbing pain. Im on the waiting list for a laparoscopy and have a pre op on Monday. I'm anxious and a bit concerned if they don't find anything, is it all in my head? I can tell the date I start ovulating because thats when the pain starts, it gets progressively worse until my period has been and gone, for about 3 days leading up to my period I have dark brown/black discharge, extremely painful and heavy periods resulting in accidents. Prior to most bowel movements I have cramping, sex is no longer enjoyable, sometimes when urinating I get a sharp horrible pain which feels deep inside and I have to stop for a few seconds and try and ease myself back into starting again. My period pains are awful and have on more than one occasion had to breathe through the cramps. Sorry for the life story but I just wanted to know if anyone had similar symptoms? xxx

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Hi, I got diagnosed in Sept 2016 after after having a laparoscopy after being in severe pain every day from around March 2016 but suffered horrendous peroids since I started about 10 years ago. Your symptoms sound exactly the same as mine did before my lap so I think it might be likely that they will remove endo as they did with me. The pain completely went after the lap and I was pain free for 6 months! It was amazing. Unfortunately it has now come back and is worse than ever before I am currently on a waiting list to be referred back to gynecology! Good luck and don't worry. Hopefully you will have a longer pain free time than i did but embrace then 6 months incase it does come back xxx

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