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Provera meds and Pain! :(

I have just finished my 4 weeks of provera and it did not have effect on me as I bled whilst still taking the meds (that does not bother me except it pushed ICSI start date back for a few weeks). What bothers me is that I have been in pain since I finished taking the meds, I have had an internal scan and nothing was found as abnormal :( not sure if this is a natural way of endo reacting to provera drugs but I am really interested in finding a solution to this pain. Has anyone else living with endometriosis taken provera drugs and in pain incessantly? thanks ladies x

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Hi, I was prescribed provera for 6 months following surgery to stop my periods coming back before potentially trying to conceive. I was only given 6 months as it is not used as a long term solution. I believe that as with everything pain depends on where ur endo is. Unlike u, my periods did stop whilst taken the medication but it maybe that you weren't on it long enough to take effect. I did not have as much pain and was fortunate to conceive (first time resulted in missed miscarriage,second time resulted in cheeky now 16 month old!) fairly quickly. Medication varies so differently as it's such a vast disease with no real long term solution.

My symptoms eased during pregnancy too and the year I breastfed too but after symptoms began getting on top of me again, I have changed my diet which is helping a lot! No coffee, drinking hot lemon water instead, no processed food (well, rarely) not much red meat. I hope you find something that can help you. Xx


Thanks a lot for the positive info, it's good to know as it helps me stay positive. I am hoping for a positive outcome of this 2nd attempt😇. Weird I am still in pain even though I stopped the pills on the 27th of April....arghhh

Thanks x


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