Endometriosis- an amazing help for the pain!

Endometriosis- an amazing help for the pain!

Yesterday I cried in Marks and Spencer's lingerie department- but for the right reasons! I tried on a "waist shaper" which is like a corset from hips to diaphragm- it's basically a girdle. I tried it on for a dress I'm wearing at a wedding but found it helped the pain. I live in chronic pain daily now, so anything that helps even a little is huge and I know many of you reading this will be looking for anything to give you some respite. I have long wondered if there is anything like this, something that holds you, supports you - like when you cradle your abdomen when the pain is so bad it's hard to stand up. I have worn it all the waking hours since! Today is a particularly bad day, but I have been able to stand up to cook and to hoover- something I wouldn't have been able to do on a day like today before. I wanted to share this experience and insight- go immediately to get one, do not pass go, probably spend 200 pounds! 😍

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Wow what is this called never seen before? X

It's called a waist shaper x

Thank you although worried where it will push all my flab above and below it! Know what you mean I have heat pads on everywhere and need compression to help it work xxx

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