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Still getting pain...*sigh*

Morning all!

So it's now been 4 months since my laparoscopy to excise the endo I had in my uterus...but I'm still getting the same amount of pain I had before my surgery? Is this normal? Why am I still in pain if all of the endo has been taken out?

Also, the middle scar on my lower tummy has become really itchy lately and doesn't look quite right to me - the incision is raised and looks almost like a stretched piece of muscle and white in colour and can get my finger nail under it slightly. Probably the worst description ever but was just wondering whether this is normal??


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Sorry to hear Hun I am the shame I had lap and major bowel surgery in October and they said they got all the endo they could see in my uterus and I had a bowel resection as it had completely penetrated the bowel which surprised us all, I have ulcerative proctitis too and I think this makes the endo worse they say not linked but I struggle to see how they aren't my pain is worse than it was before the operation and they don't really understand it, I am struggling so much with it as feel like what was the point in going rough all that pain but it is better out than in so we have to hope things will improve X you aren't alone in feeling the frustration of going ghrough all this xx big hug

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Im the same .. currently 4 months post op and not only not feeling better, but feeling worse. Although my gynea did tell me surgery may not help. It didnt. That endo may just come back, and i think it did! I know how disappointed you must feel but they werent lying when they said theres no cure!

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Thank you so much guys for your replies. It just sucks that we're all suffering in the same way and no one seems to have a cure.

I mean, I've had my surgery 4 months ago now, I'm off the pill or any contraception as hubby & I are trying to conceive but no luck yet and I haven't had a period since December - in the back of my mind I'm just constantly worrying that the endo is growing back. Is there any way of telling if it's growing back?! xx


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