Hey all

Does anyone have any advice on how to manage pain and cramps?

I've been in agony for a few weeks now the pain is unbearable. :(

I litterally can't see a life ahead in this much pain. I'm in 2 minds- do I get the coil removed and deal with my horrendous endo pain or keep it and stick with this horrendous pain instead. Feel like there's no way out atm😢😭😭

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  • Hi Nicole. I don't have any advice for you but I completely understand how you feel. I've never felt so ill until I had my lap and I didn't even have the coil. I am on the progesterone only pill though and the side effects are horrendous. Massively painful period every two weeks lasting over a week along with my usual chronic pains. I completely sympathise with you and it's an awful place to be. You might be best off talking to a doctor or even better, the surgeon who you've been dealing with. I know that these contraceptives can take a good few months to "settle" but that doesn't mean you have to suffer those months if you feel the coil isn't working for you. I've been glued to my heat pad ever since my op in January to the point where my skin is permanently marked from excessive heat use so although I've found relief from the heat I wouldn't advise the constant use. I have found relief in going for a good walk or doing some stretching but it's finding the motivation when you feel so low that is the tricky part. Don't push yourself though, if you don't want to go out then don't or if you don't feel up to doing housework or exercise then rest instead. There's nothing to gain from being hard on yourself. I hope you find some relief soon. Sending lots of get well wishes your way ☺️

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