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Bad day!

Hi all, just wondering how many of you suffer with severe mood swings with your Endo/ hormones? As well as the usual pain symptoms I have been really suffering with my mood lately. Some days I can't even bring myself to get out of bed because I feel so low.

Does anyone have any tips which have helped them? After being diagnosed a few years back, I am due to see my Consultant again in a few weeks to see if there is any possibility of surgery to remove more of my Endo, so will be mentioning my mood to him.


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Hiya hun

I definitely suffer with mood swings real bad around mid cycle all the way to period i seem to be really angry snappy at first then get low depressed around period.

Im starting looking into natural ways to balance hormones because I know docs will just offer contraception and I don't like the affects plus trying to conceive also.

I think I'm going to do one of them hormone saliva tests too check which hormones are off balance. Then purchase the natural remedies to try balance them. In our case I think oestrogen will definitely be one that's over produced.

Hope you manage to get to bottom of it keep me updated.



Sorry to hear you having a bad day, I get these a lot especially after my last surgery which was 4 weeks Tom. I have been put on pill back to back for 6 months and 4 weeks in my moods and emotional state is so bad, have you tried batch rescue remedy they help with the stress anxiety feelings and also heard though haven't tried that 'hemp tincture' is good for stress and anxiety too. Take care of yourself xx


Thanks for your replies - no I haven't tried anything as of yet. I have the coil which was great for the first year but things appear to be slipping. Will definitely look into options though as don't want to carry on not knowing how I am going to feel one day to the next! I'm lucky to have a supportive Husband, but I cant help but think I drive him mad sometimes!! x

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I had exactly the same!!! My coil was great for a year, no periods, no mood swings or depression or low days. It then just stopped working.

Had it removed and a new one put in but it's just got worse and worse. I am currently just about to have my second zoladex injection but the first one seemed to balance me out quite a bit but sadly the past few days I've really been down/low again.

I find it hard to cope with as everyone reacts so bad to me so then I take myself away and everyone then moans that I'm shutting myself away :( I have my second injection in 2 days so I am hoping that will be finally it!

Have you been mentioned about zoladex yet?

I was only offered different contraception to work with my coil which never worked so I can imagine Drs will offer that first. I'd deffinately try the first replies remedy though! I'm going to look it up for sure :)

Hope things get better for you


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