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What treatment/surgery?

Hi all I'm just wondering what treatment or surgery anyone had had. I had my first lap in jan last year. The doc blasted the small deposits that were on my uterus but he was unable to remove what was between my ovary and left tube as it requires more extensive surgery. I had my review last week and he is talking about open surgery to go in and tidy the rest up. He says this will give me a better chance to conceive naturally but also if we decide to go ahead with our 3rd ivf attempt. Any advice will be greatly appreciated.

Jac x

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Was this general gynae? Did they give you any idea of stage (mild/moderate/severe)? Please don't rush into agreeing to open surgery. All endo (including severe) can be treated laparoscopically (keyhole) if the surgeon is experienced. If you've been told you have severe disease (stage 3/4) this should be treated at a specialist centre and not by general gynae. Keyhole surgery gives far better access to affected areas than open surgery does. The list of centres is here:


The vast majority are NHS and your GP can refer you.


Hi Jo

Yes general gynae. No they didn't give me an idea of stage but I would say severe as my left side is fused. Reason they gave for possible open surgery is I have Endo attached to my left tube which is fused to the urethra and he was concerned due to the positioning against a vein. I'm going back beginning of June to see the most experienced surgeon. We only have 1 specialist Endo clinic near me in Scotland which is Edinburgh. They will only accept a referral from a gynae consultant as it's outwith my health board area

Jac x


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