Chocolate cyst advice

Hi all,

I am new to this so not sure if I've posted this right but I really could do with some advice right now.

6 weeks ago I had a 9cm chocolate cyst removed from my left ovary. My gynae also removed my left Fallopian tube and ovary. He said my right ovary looked healthy and I had no other endo anywhere as it had all been contained in the chocolate cyst. He said I only have a 50% chance of getting another one as I now only have 1 ovary. He has not suggested the birth control pill or anything else and my periods are pretty much back to normal. What I would like to know is how likely is it that I will get another cyst on the healthy side? I've read some scary stats on here that women have had one chocolate cyst removed only to get another one pop up on the other side..... I would just like to know if anyone has experienced this and if so how quickly. My gynae did say he managed to 'get it all' should I be worried about another one forming on my good side?


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