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Dihydracodine or tramadol itching and nausea

I've been taking dihydracodine for over a year just about 60mg a day but now it's making me itchy faint and nauseous when I take it. Tramadol also having same effect I rarely take it maybe couple of times a month as sometimes made me over emotional and sick but now it's making me super itchy faint and sick too so can't change over to that. Asked a pharmacist and she said the itching not a common side effect???

I have endometriosis and adenomyosis plus post ablation syndrome I am in a lot of pain everyday emptying bowel and bladder or walking , standing or sitting up without any painkillers trying manage with hot water bottle but it's not realistic does anyone else have these side effects??? Feel absolutely awful today 😩

I've been fine on dihydracodine for the last year so don't understand it.

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Hi! I totally sympathise with you. I'm exactly the same. The side effect is VERY common. I can't take anything with codeine in it. Anything that is classed as an opiate will give me that itching effect. Tramadol is another one. My gp has put me on gabapentin. Amitriptyline is another one you could try. Itching is worse than the pain, it's torture xx


It's weird though have always been fine on it for the last year taking it everyday until about a week ago now it feelslike poison, codine makes me really sleepy but not itchy so maybe can try that but dihydracodine which I think is different drug to codine I've always been ok with so was worried my kidneys may be messing up as reacting to stuff I didn't use to amiltripline make me so groggy and unable to function so not fancying that yet but good to know it's a normal side effect. When the pharmacist said it not a normal side effect to come on after normally being ok with it and to go to GP asap I worried, got GP today anyway so will find out other options it's the nausea and faintness that's the worst really having to keep sitting on floor after 30mg of dyhidracodine feel like I'm poisoned 😔 Just when you think you've got pain under control 😡

Sorry to hear you have same problem hope you have lovely weekend 💗

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