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Recent Laproscopy and rant

Hi there, I'm new here as just found out I have Endometriosis having had to go private as I had given up trying to find out what the pain was and why we weren't getting pregnant. The fertility clinic were useless. I've just had my second laproscopy as I in fact had one 99 years earlier as I had a lost coil in my Fallopian tube and apparently the gynae removed scar tissue from my womb and told me I must have had an STI!! (which I never have), so even then she didn't spot it. I'm frustrated as went on the pill at 14 for horrendous periods (seems the typical story), told I had M.E. / CFS at 24 when I came off the pill and was bed ridden with fatigue, when it would seem according to my amazing new Gynaecologist I've probably had it since I started my periods. I've been to doctors so many times had scans, blood tests etc, been off work twice with fatigue and depression for 3 months twice and all the same thing. I'm shocked at reading how my story is not unique and so so many of you have similar and often worse stories. How can this happen!

My op on Saturday went well and in fact he was able to remove all growths /scarring and not further surgery required so maybe having a baby is possible. How long does the post op pain / lethargy stay for?

I'm trying to be positive and seek natural routes to help improve and definitely going to do something about awareness as so shocked at this horrid disease and the neglect is women get.

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If you were seen in general gynaecology I assume your endo was classed as just stage 1 or 2 as anything beyond that must be referred to a specialist centre, so hopefully you will now get relief. Recovery depends on many things - the extent of the surgery itself and you as a person. If it was a minor procedure you should start to turn a corner in a few weeks.


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