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Is endometriosis a disability

I was just wondering obviously there is little research and no cure for endo but is it known as a disability I am aware a petition was put in place has that been approved?

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Hi Imrana in England under the equality act a disability is not defined as a list of diseases but by the severity of symptoms ie the impact on your day to day life and the long term duration more than a year. So the answer is it is included in scope but could be for some individuals and not for others.



Hi Starry,

Thank you for the response and yeah I thought it hasn't been defined as a petition is going round. That website is quite useful you sent me thanks


Well, there is no need to define it as it's not not about what disease you get but how bad you suffer, endo is already eligible in our current law and can totally be classed as a disability if severe enough, the petition was unnecessary as it's not how the legislation works.


Generally it's only seen as a disability if you have stage four.

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