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First Gyne appointment

I have been referred to the gyneocology department for more investigations regarding suspected endometriosis.

I'm just a bit apprehensive about my first gyneocology appointment, it's on 24th may but just unsure what to expect when I go . I know it sounds silly, really what's the worst that can happen lol.

Can anyone shed any light of what happened at their first appointment ?

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In my first appointment he just asked questions about my symptoms and how long I've had them e.t.c and did a pelvic exam which was uncomfortable but not too bad. After that my gynaecologist said he thought it was endometriosis and wanted to do a diagnostic lap and insert a mirena coil. I was booked in for this there and then. I don't think all appointments go like this but this was mine

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My first appointment I had a conversation with two consultants and spoke to them about my symptoms and family history. I then had internal and external exams.

They then explained I had to have a diagnostic lap and if anything is found they would treat at the same time. I had my consultation in September 2016 and my laparoscopy got booked 3 weeks ago for the 8th of May. Quite a long wait but I know other people have been seen faster.

Hope this helps x

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I know it needs to be done but I'm hoping as most of my symptoms are bowel related they won't do an internal 🙈 ! Will need to just wait and see x that is a really long wait!


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