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Is spotting ok?


I was put on a birth control pill continuously after my endometriosis was removed in Feb. The doctor told me that the hormonal suppression of taking the pill nonstop would also supress the endo from returning. He said that I may have some spotting/ breakthrough bleeding but this is normal and nothing to worry about. My problem or question rather is: How much "spotting" is normal or safe for keeping the endo from coming back? I have been bleeding lightly (1 small tampon a day worth) for 7 days now... at what point is spotting a full blown period? Or does the bleeding itself not even matter? Is it just keeping the hormones suppressed effectively and the the blood doesn't matter at all as long as the hormones are still supressed? (I was under the impression that the bleeding is what builds up the endo adhesions so should I be concerned aboutchanging birth control pills if I dont want the adhesions to return?

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It's tricky because there are a few different theories about how endo forms in our pelvis. One is that the menstrual blood flows through the tubes into the pelvis. The other is that endo can form without coming from the uterus at all.

In either theory the level of bleeding you're describing is unlikely to be problematic. But hopefully it will settle so that you aren't dealing with this every day.

Also, and this is just my personal view, I've never been keen to use tampons for light spotting due to the toxic shock risk. A liner may be better but that's just my own personal view xxx

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I used tampons before I had my endo diagnosed/removed so that was kind of how I gauged it in compairision. I do not currently use tampons, especially for that small of an amount, just a pad... I didn't know how better to describe the amount I guess. But thank you for the information and I will just keep an eye on it and hope it stops eventually.

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