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Given the first Depo beginning of March

I was given the first shot of depo in beginnig of March, first day i did start of my period. And im still bleeding and its ruinning my relationship with my boyfriend (meanig no sex). Dont know what to do. Im going to see doctor next week and hope they will help me what to do. I have seen reviews about bleeding for long time, it can be upto 6-12 months!?! And i thought can i take the period delay at the same time while im on depo? Just need advice.

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I started depo last year, and I know its different for everyone but this injection ruined my life. It was at the same time that i got into a relationship with my boyfriend, but almost as soon as i started these injections, I was constantly bleeding, with maybe a few days break inbetween, which meant no sex, or if It did, it seemed to trigger the bleeding.

I had 3 of these injections before I realised it was seriously messing things up for me, the nurses seemed confused, not too much is known about this injection, which seemed to be the case with them, they just shrugged my symptoms off like "oh, thats not good." I eventually didn't go back for another injection, they told me it might be 6 months before my symptoms went away.

A year later I'm still bleeding constantly, and although this is something I've come to know is possibly related to endometriosis, it all started with these injections, and has been a nightmare for me since.

All i can say is if its a genuine option for you I would give it a go, but I wish I hadn't, hopefully theres others with better experience that can put your mind at rest.


Hey, I had a very similar experience with the depot. After the third injection I begged to come off of it as it wasn't settling. I had a period for almost 7 months (ahhhhh). It sucked. You know your body best so if it doesn't feel right speak up. Everyone's different but I'm now on the mirena coil and couldn't be happier with it x


I heard the coil could still have bleeding as i saw some reviews.


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