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Painful period after surgery

Hi ladies. I had my first lap which confirmed endo. They removed what they could. My first cycle after was so heavy and painful no different to before the surgery. I'm having my second cycle now currently sat here crying with the pain. I just feel the surgery hasn't helped or made a difference. Has anyone else had this problem?

The pains are always in the same place. My right shoulder, right pelvis area, abdomen and horrible grabbing pains up inside :(


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give it time. I'm 2 mo the after my lap and bot noticing benefits yet. My first period was really painful too , but heard this is normal. I still had pain in my stomach 6 weeks after lap but an ultrasound showed it was internal bruising from the surgery. Think we just have to give out bodies time x

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Thank you so much xxx


I had surgery 4 months back. Removed endometriosis, a endometrioma on my left ovary, removed left ovary and fallopian tube and removed a polyp on my uterus. The last 3 periods have been about a 100 on a scale of 1 to 10. My doctor doesn't seem to know why. Did yours get better after a while?


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