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Hi, I am new here... can anyone give me any advice. Was diagnosed with PCOS in January and told I most likely have Endo aswell and was refered for a diagnostic laparoscopy to confirm. I have been in continuous pain for the past 2 months so I called to see when I will have the laparoscopy and was told there is a 2 year waiting list!! Now I don't mind waiting 6 months as I know the NHS is under pressure but 2 years is just ridiculous. I cannot wait that long with this amount of pain and I can't afford to go private. Surely this is unacceptable? Thanks.

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You can ring and ask to be put on the waiting list for late cancellations. I rang the booking secretary- the consultant gave me her number.

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Yes I did that when I was told about the 2 year waiting list. Thanks.


Unfortunately theyre more than snowed under and pain is just one aspect to deal with. Infertility and lide saving is yet another .. I waited 12 months from first lap to treatment under priority. I think waiting times differ throughout the UK too. But in saying that i had surgery and it fixed nothing, actually made it worse. If it is endo, surgery may not help. You could try the pill/coil/painkillers why you wait. They are actually treatments, just as much as surgery is!


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