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Scared of no diagnosis!

Hi! I've only just found out about here and can't bring myself to call for help as I know I'll just cry. I have pcos and will be having the camera in 6 weeks to check to confirm endometriosis, however I'm so scared that they will do it and it's going to come back that I don't have it and I'll have all these problems I face daily without and justification to them all if that makes any sense? Is it normal to be so worried?

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hi. You've found the right place for information and guidance.

what are your daily symptoms?

I had no idea I had endometriosis till an emergency operation discovered it so I didn't have the worry of waiting for diagnosis but I have found waiting for scans, appointments etc stressful as some people you come across a brilliant and informative and others aren't!

I would say its perfectly normal and absolutely fine to worry, have you got family or friends to discuss it with?

if you need to chat I pop here most days!



I have been back and forth from doctors since our third child was born in August 2015 mainly because of ovary and womb pains and pain during sex. I had to repeatedly go back and even mentioned endo to him and he said no it's my pcos that has just worsened but after another app he referred me and the gyno told me no the pains I have wouldn't be down to pcos! So waiting for the camera in 6 weeks. The main ones are fatigue, pain during sex and what I have always thought was really severe ovulation pains but they have progressed to a few times monthly to most days 😟

Sorry, long winded! I have always wanted to be a midwife but the fatigue and pains are making me start planning other things now which is really upsetting

Thanks for the reply xx


hi. I don't know anything about pcos I'm afraid but the symptoms you mentioned are typical of endometriosis amongst various others. Hopefully the camera will give you answers, if it doesn't don't give up and get back on to them.

in the mean time are you on any medication to help with the pain? Alternative things like yoga, acupuncture, reflexology , hot water bottles and warm baths can help some people with pain is all about finding what works for you.

I have found diet plays a part with my pain levels and the Endo diet has really helped, I still get bad days but its much more managed than it was.

once you know for definite what's causing your pain you can plan what you want to do, don't give up on your dreams.



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