Advice please, possible endo, awaiting Gynae appt

For the last 6 months now my symptoms and health have been deteriorating. After my admission early this year, I was told it's likely I have endometriosis and to take the pill for 6 months back to back.

Since then, my symptoms have continuing to worsen and I feel like I am getting no-where. I don't know what to do for the best.

My GP over 3 weeks ago was concerned about my ongoing symptoms and referred me to gynaecology urgently. I called after 2 weeks to see if any news on appt and hospital had no referral whatsoever. I was so upset and frustrated. Another referral has now been faxed over apparently but cannot be given a timescale of the further wait.

I am struggling to get a GP appointment even though I'm not sure what else they can do. If I have an acute episode of a symptom or if having a 'bad' day, by the time I get to see anyone such as at walk in centre I get told to make appt with GP as ongoing issues. Some days I don't have the energy to even get up. My symptoms are so intermittent and variable which is also frustrating.

I am yet to hear from the Gynae department but not sure what other action I can take. It also worries me about the next steps that are ahead e.g. laparoscopy or further investigations

Any advice would be greatly appreciated, thank you xx

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  • Hi, sorry to hear you're struggling! Has your GP prescribed you any pain relief? If not, I'd be back asking for something. I started to feel like I lived in my docs surgery when I was trying to get new pain relief as nothing was touching it! You could try a hot water bottle or a tens machine for the pain, sometimes that helps me. Unfortunately I can't advise on a lap as I'm currently awaiting a date for mine as I've not been diagnosed yet either. Hope you hear soon x

  • Thanks for your reply and sorry to hear you're waiting too.

    Yes I've been prescribed all sorts but struggle to take anything stronger than paracetemol on work days as I am more drowsy/fatigued than 'normal'. I don't think that even does anything now! On bad days I take codiene or naproxen but it just wipes me out. Fatigue is one of the symptoms I struggle with to get through the day.

    I've tried hot water bottles and heat patches but didn't think of a tens machine, will give that a go!

    Hope you hear something soon and get the answers you need, take care and thank you xx

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