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Advice please, possible endo, awaiting Gynae appt

For the last 6 months now my symptoms and health have been deteriorating. After my admission early this year, I was told it's likely I have endometriosis and to take the pill for 6 months back to back.

Since then, my symptoms have continuing to worsen and I feel like I am getting no-where. I don't know what to do for the best.

My GP over 3 weeks ago was concerned about my ongoing symptoms and referred me to gynaecology urgently. I called after 2 weeks to see if any news on appt and hospital had no referral whatsoever. I was so upset and frustrated. Another referral has now been faxed over apparently but cannot be given a timescale of the further wait.

I am struggling to get a GP appointment even though I'm not sure what else they can do. If I have an acute episode of a symptom or if having a 'bad' day, by the time I get to see anyone such as at walk in centre I get told to make appt with GP as ongoing issues. Some days I don't have the energy to even get up. My symptoms are so intermittent and variable which is also frustrating.

I am yet to hear from the Gynae department but not sure what other action I can take. It also worries me about the next steps that are ahead e.g. laparoscopy or further investigations

Any advice would be greatly appreciated, thank you xx

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Hi, sorry to hear you're struggling! Has your GP prescribed you any pain relief? If not, I'd be back asking for something. I started to feel like I lived in my docs surgery when I was trying to get new pain relief as nothing was touching it! You could try a hot water bottle or a tens machine for the pain, sometimes that helps me. Unfortunately I can't advise on a lap as I'm currently awaiting a date for mine as I've not been diagnosed yet either. Hope you hear soon x


Thanks for your reply and sorry to hear you're waiting too.

Yes I've been prescribed all sorts but struggle to take anything stronger than paracetemol on work days as I am more drowsy/fatigued than 'normal'. I don't think that even does anything now! On bad days I take codiene or naproxen but it just wipes me out. Fatigue is one of the symptoms I struggle with to get through the day.

I've tried hot water bottles and heat patches but didn't think of a tens machine, will give that a go!

Hope you hear something soon and get the answers you need, take care and thank you xx


I am very sorry to hear that you are experiencing such debilitating pain and having to wait to see a doctor. I live in Canada so I am not sure of your medical system. I had endo for many years plus severe adhesions and complications: bowel obstructions, frozen pelvis , infertility, debilitating pain and a Hysterectomy at 39 yrs. I went into surgical menopause after my hysterectomy and became extremely ill. I was so sick that I had to stop working and continue to suffer with health problems.

It was after I started seeing a "Naturopath" that I finally began to feel better. One of the best things I can share is to create "caster oil" packs and place them on your pelvis and areas where you are experiencing pain. What you need to buy are: cotton receiving blankets you would use to swaddle a baby, a large bottle of Caster Oil, Heating Pad, Plastic Wrap. Cut the receiving blanket in half and moisten one with a bit of water. Place a good amount of Caster Oil in a shallow pan and fold the receiving blanket so it will fit in the pan. Place cloth in oil and make sure that it is fully covered with oil. Cover with plastic wrap and keep in the fridge until needed.

Remove from fridge and place in a microwave to warm.... not too hot. Place warm cloth over pelvis and then cover with a clean piece of plastic wrap. Now put a warm heating pad on top of the covered cloth and let the magic begin. Allow this to warm your pained area until you feel better. It will amaze you. Just return back to the pan adding more oil when needed and keep covered in the fridge.

I hope that you can soon get the care you need. Can you go to the Emergency when the pain is really bad? It may help to get in sooner to see a specialist

Best Wishes


Just a question- that sounds like a lot of faff for what is basically a microwaveable heat pad which I could just buy and re-use, especially when endo pain is so debilitating. Why do you use what you do and not something easy like that (genuine question)?


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