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Advice needed

Thank god ive found somewhere I can get proper advice. I have been suffering with really bad pains when I got to the toilet whilst on my period along with painful sex and heavy periods for about 5 years now, along with feeling exhausted alot of the time. I have been phobed of so many time by the GP just wanting to cover up the pain and not get to the bottom of it.

I pushed for some tests so they did an internal examination and everything seemed ok I got referred to a gyno which actually said for me to me wait till i go to try for a baby if i struggle then they will do the op to find out if i have endometriosis which is crazy. Me being 22 I felt very under pressure to agree with her and leave, I have gone back to the GP and asked if I can have the operation to find out as I don't want to leave it years and struggle to have children.

Is there any other way you can find out if you have endometriosis with out having the op? And can I do anything afterwards if I find out I do have endometriosis?

Thank you !

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hi. Welcome it's a great place for support and ideas. I'm afraid my understanding is the best and most reliable way for a diagnosis is through a lap op. I have ultrasound, ct and MRI scans to keep checks on cysts but endometriosis is hard to detect.

how much do you know about endometriosis?

various hormone treatments can be used and pain management. Diet changes help some ladies to. It can be hard to get a diagnosis you need to be persistent and get back to your gp .

various alternative things like acupuncture can help to.

good luck in getting a diagnosis. Xx

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You have typical symptoms of endo - how can a GP ignore these and expect you to just cover it up as best as you can with medications, leaving any endo you may have to progress? Have a look at the NICE guideline that confirms your entitlement to a lap, especially if you are in severe pain and have concerns about fertility. Also look at chapter 1 of the ESHRE guideline that details all the symptoms a GP should be looking for and not ignoring. The NHS requires that you are sent to a gynaecologist with 'an interest' in endo so be sure to check them out before being referred to a general gynaecologist with no interest who may well tell you it is just IBS without doing investigations.




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