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Could sickness be linked to ends?

Hi everyone! I was diagnosed with endo about 7 years ago and had a laparoscopy. All has been well and have since had two kids. However after having my first i started getting periodically sick. I am now having severe sickness and diarrhoea every 6-8 weeks. It comes on suddenly and violently, lasts for between 12-16hours and have been hospitalised 3 times due to severe dehydration/reduced kidney function. I have had scans of my gall bladder and every blood test the gp can think to do but everything is clear. I am having another scan to make sure nothing was missed but I was wondering whether it is something that could be linked to endometriosis? I've not discussed it with my GP as I've only just thought of it but would be interested to hear anyone's opinion.


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Hiya, I've not yet been diagnosed with endo (awaiting lap date) however I suffer from severe sickness too. I get it every few weeks but it can last 2-3 days when I can't keep anything down and can hardly get my head off the pillow. I last suffered from this 2 weeks ago and was vomiting blood which gave me a bit of a fright! I discussed the sickness with my doctor who referred me to a dietician and I now have build up drinks to take daily. Would be interesting to hear if anyone else thinks it's related to endo as my doctor isn't sure what causes it other than the thought it could be due to pain!


I haven't been officially been diagnosed yet, however it's highly implied by the doctors. I get terrible sickness, and the diarrhoea too. (Drink as much water, just in preparation to keep hydrated as possible!) but definitely mention it to your gp, it's certainly a sign for me and I think many others too.


I would start to keep a detailed symptom diary to see if it correlates closely with your menstrual cycle. Diarrhoea can be a symptom of deep endo ( but for me it was always day 1 of my cycle without fail) the vomiting less so though it can be indirectly caused by pain or pain killer tablets. You need more evidence really at this stage to rule out other gastrointestinal issues. Not all symptoms need to be menstruation or cycle specific with endo and few of mine actually were.



hi. The symptom log mentioned is great and the specialist I saw found it helpful so its worth doing.

I have stage 3 endometriosis with 4 chocolate cysts, I feel nauseous and have bowel issues during ovulation and my period. The cyst sometimes bleed into themselves and its a sudden unbearable pain and violent sickness I often pass out and have been in hospital with it for weeks at a time, it's all related to my endometriosis. Foods affected it to for me pasta puts me in hospital and I mostly follow the Endo diet to reduce the pain between bad spells.

what type of scans have you had? Have they checked your inflammatory markers to?

hope you have some pain management in place. X


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