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how much notice of lap do you get

I have had pre op am awaiting hysterectomy date was told 2 months wait end of Feb. How much notice of operation do you normally get on NHS ?

lots to organise as I'm self employed but desperate for op was thinking it would be in next couple of weeks but worried as not had letter yet will be longer :( Have contacted hospital and left messages with booking lady and Dr secretary and GP has written so no more I can do at moment I already look persistant so really dont want to be annoying. Just want a date to end the pain :(

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In my experience (in Lancashire) when I've been listed for surgery I've been given my op date in the next couple of days and had plenty of notice.

Could you speak to someone at the hospital rather than leaving messages? If you were told 2 months at end of Feb it's reasonable for your date to be confirmed by now. Xxx


No one answers the phone , the appointments line can't help me they just put me on to the gyne op booking lady and she never answers the phone have tried all times of day in case she only in mornings or something so can only leave messages but no one ever returns the call. I have asked GP to write letter now so hoping that may help else will have to try PALS I know they all very busy so don't wanna make a fuss but really need a date.

Thanks for your reply had pre op friday so maybe will receive something tomorrow 👍


My first lap surgeon called on the Monday and I was operated on following Monday, this time i was an emergency patient admitted xxxx


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