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Bleeding but not period

Hi. Ive been bleeding for 10 days now but its not my period. This is not a period because its 2 weeks earlier. Now im still bleeding and its really stress me alot. Ive been to 2 operations. 1st is open surgery in 2013 to removed my left ovary because of endometriosis and 2nd is laparoscopy in 2015 again because of endometriosis. Last week the result of my transvaginal ultrasound there is 2cm emdometriosis again😭😭😭on my right ovary. im getting really tired of this issue. Hope you guys understnd my english and give me some advice.

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What hormonal treatment have you tried!? Might be worth seeing your Dr and either trying marina coil, mini pill or combined pill back to back! Or seeing a gynea and trying zolidex (probably spelt wrong). Unfortunately surgery isnt a cure, in fact hormones aint, but the can control it and prevent further damage. If you aint trying to concieve id give those a try. Surgery after surgery is no good because that in itself causes adhesions and can lead to additional problems! Good luck


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