Confirmed endo

Hi all,

I had my laparoscopy operation today, all went well and I'm back home and feeling as comfortable as I can. The pain is manageable at the moment and I have bloating however I feel bloated most days so that isn't bothering me. I don't know too much detail from the operation and probably won't until I go to my follow up appointment in 8 weeks but I now have a confirmed diagnosis of Endometriosis stage 3. All my symptoms had pointed towards Endo so I'm not surprised. The cyst on my left ovary was 6cm and has been drained, the fluid from the cyst will now be tested. My Fallopian tubes were checked with a dye and the surgeon is happy with them, it was a concern that the cyst had possibly caused some damage. It also wasn't necessary to remove my left ovary so I still have them both, which at 29 is a big relief.

Time to recover and research how to manage my Endo going forward...

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