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Finally got a date for diagnostic laparoscopy

Hi all

I've had endo symptoms on and off for quite a long time now, though have never been diagnosed despite numerous visits to doctors/ hospital/ gynaecologists over the years. I'm now 27 and married to my husband who I have been with for almost 12 years. We've recently brought up the subject of trying for a baby, and in fact were going to commence the trying very soon.

Today when I finished work I had a voicemail from Worcester Hospital advising me that they've had a cancellation for a laparoscopy that I've been on the waiting list for for almost a year, to take place in Kidderminster. I don't think I can name specific surgeons on this site but he is an excision specialist, apparently.

I've searched a bit through the posts on here and have seen a few which suggest that excisive surgery can affect future fertility, yet I've seen others which state the exact opposite. I'm now worrying slightly about this aspect - can anyone advise?

Also concerned that the surgery is in fact two weeks today - I've not yet had a pre-op, have not discussed it with my manager as yet and don't know how much time I will need off work (I'm a Secretary so mostly desk based) - please can anyone advise regarding the time off work I'd need roughly? Up until today I really thought the surgery wasn't going to go ahead so it's a lot to think about all of a sudden.

Thanks for your help in advance.

Em x

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Hi Em I am the exact same as you and have my op booked in for the 21/4 . Today I had my pre op which was pretty straight forward and allowed me to ask questions as to what will actually happen and have blood taken etc. We are in the same situation as you were we are TTC and nothing has happened the past few months. When I saw a specalist last month they suspected endimetrious (will be confirmed in the lap, although I don't appear to have the symptoms for it) the dye test, hyprocscopy and also removal of some cysts. During my pre op they said it depends on what they find and how you as an individual cope. As a ball part she said I would be signed off for one week with a hospital note but anything up-to three weeks although I work for an airline flying so they may be why. I haven't looked at excision and they didn't mention any of this. It was all out of the blue during my appointment they suspected endo but only then at my pre op yesterday was I able to ask my questions. Good luck, your be having your op before mine so I would love to hear how you get on x


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