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Nerve Pain?

I had excision surgery in January, it has felt a lot better where endo is concerned but I keep ending up in agony, the pain is unbearable but it's different to before. I had an appointment on Monday where they did a transvaginal scan and all they could see was my left ovary had moved and attached itself to my uterus. They reckoned without going into too much detail about my pain what I could be suffering from is nerve damage. But they said nerve damage is a pinching/tingling/burning/stabbing pain and I just wouldn't describe my pain like that it feels very central in my pelvis and is a really bad ache. It kept me up pretty much all night and was unbearable. I'm at a loss to what it can be and can't hack the pain as soon as I do stuff, the only way I can stop it is to never do anything xx

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I have exactly the same sort of pain post excision, although I do have a horrible burning sensation.

I suspect I've got adenomyosis as the pain is definitely coming from my uterus.

It's so disappointing to think the surgery hasn't given me the relief of so hoped for.

Fingers crossed we both get to the bottom of things. X


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