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Hi everyone, i feel like im at a point where i just dont know what to do.

I have been having ovary pains tends to always be the right side on and off since 2014, what made me go to my GP was my irregular periods they have been like clock work right up until then, i then got referred for an ultrasound which found nothing I went back to my GP continuously throught 2014 still in pain, January 2015 i had a laparoscopy to search for what could be endo, they found nothing and asked do i have IBS.. and by researching/reading this happens to alot of you. so again i was left with un answered questions. STILL suffering in pain, ok it wasn't everyday but enough for me to know my body isn't 100%. i was referred for another scan (not 100% when that one was) which found a small cyst which i was told theres nothing to worry about, like it's that easy? ive been suffering in pain & i suffer with anxiety anyway but yes DR i wont worry. still in pain I continued going back to my GP and i was referred to gynaecology which took AGES. I eventually had my appointment in February this year, and the gynaecologist was brilliant she listened to me and i felt like i finally had someone who wasn't just fobbing me off, she did an internal, an ultrasound scan and felt my stomach. she could see on my face the pain on my right side everytime she would feel around that area i was in agony when i left. Anyway she said i could most definitely have endo and they may not of found it before as it can be microscopic but it always looks like i had a bit of PCOS, so im waiting for another lap. My questions are i feel personally i dont have all the endo symptoms but i do have all of the ovrian cancer symptoms and pain!! i have since gone to my doctors THREE times and they keep giving me pain killers, i am in agony im laying in bed now writing this as i feel i cant cope anymore nobody is listening to me im even thinking about paying privately. my periods are irregular but they arent overly heavy like endo sufferers and when i do come on for me it feels like a releif for my ovaries but as soon as i have come off my period im in agony again for the whole month! i even had pain down my leg last month. ive just come off my period and bam the pains are back :( sex is painful, i have light blood/spotting after sex sometimes when i can cope to have it. this is making me so stressed out! does anyone have any advice please? sorry for the long post🙈 thankyou xxx

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**looks like i have a bit of PCOS (not always)***


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