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what to take for laposcopy?

Im having my 1st Laposcopy this tuesday, the nerves are slightly kicking in now knowing its only a few days away.. I have had a letter from the hopspital and from the pre op telling me what to take and what i should and shouldnt do.. It doesnt go into great detail and the nurse on my pre op didnt mention either if im still allowed to take medication for my thyroid on the day of the op? Im scheduled for the morning operation so i have to be at the hospital at 8am and I think i cant eat of drink from 11-12 on the night prior.... But unsure if i should just miss a dose or still take it?

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You can take all your meds as normal but only take a small sip of water for your tablets. I know with my last lap I was giving sickness pills before my operation and was allowed to sip water.

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