confuddled as always - mirena issues

2 weeks after I had it inserted (so on the 1st March) I went to see if the coil was still in place as I couldn't feel strings. GP couldn't find strings, have scan on the 5th had to take emergency contraception because I had done the deed like 2 days before going GP. Well... Me and the boyfriend couldn't help ourselves as we've been stressed and wanted to be intimate. We did the deed yesterday and everything was dandy other than the known risk of pregnancy - we were just blinded by me not bleeding for the first time in a long while and we took the chance. We got heated again today and tried... the boyfriend couldn't keep it up, due to no fault of his own... he said he was rubbing on something inside of me and it was getting sore so he couldn't continue. Thinking back its probably best as its not safe to risk again (even though I know once is enough) for sake of getting pregnant if the coil isn't in place. ANYWHOOO I did the horrific task of sticking my finger up and checking for the string as bf was adamant it was something inside me. Lo and behold there is a hard string no longer than half a cm protruding. I can feel it better when I squat but it is gross none-the-less.

Does this mean the coil is in place? and that the string had just been sucked up but is back?? as this is the same thing I felt the morning I went to see GP and she told me I must have been feeling something else as the string was nowhere to be seen?? I am so confuseddddd!!! I am still in pain to the point of needed tramadol occasionally but now I have it in my head that this scan will show its in place and its all been a waste of time... and I still have over 6 weeks to wait before the gyne said she'd consider the lap if the coil didn't help... surely though if I am needed tramadol its reasonable cause for me to just get it removed asap.

Also... has anyone had worsening heart palps with the coil? I don't want to sound stupid if/when I ask the GP as I have had palps before but usually they last hours and these ones feel different, they come on when I bend over and only last like half a minute and then I feel my heart stop suddenly and then after a long break it comes back and is nice and slow again whereas my other palps just slowed down by themselves not the heart completely freaking out and stopping what it was doing for any amount of time, and these palps lasted minimum of 30 mins not secs... its weird and uncomfortable!!

In advance thanks, sorry if TMI!!

p.s. please no rants about the dangers of possibly unprotected sex! I've been having protected since I started and it was a mistake and I understand the possible repercussions if it ends up that the coil is not actually in place.

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  • I think you should see your GP and get a referral for an ultrasound scan to chek if your Mirena is still in place.

    FYI, I never check for the string on my Mirena and last time it got tucked up so I wouldn't have been able to feel it anyway.

    Hope everything is found to be as it should be :)

  • Also, get the heart palps checked by the doctor :)

  • I have a scan on the 5th to check it's still in place as the strings weren't there but now all of a sudden 4 weeks of waiting for a scan and I can feel the wires again or at least what I can only describe as them. So this scan next week should tell me all I need to know.. hopefully. I will deffo go back to gp about the heart palps as that's probably the scariest bit of this whole experience.

    Thank you for the advise!!

  • I would go back to the GP just to ease your mind and to check if what you are feeling is the string or not. From what you say it does sound like the wires of the coil - they are wires, not string, so do feel hard - but worth getting it checked again, just in case it's part of the actual coil sticking out - though I think it would feel different.

    Sorry I can't offer any advice on the palpitations, so ask GP while you're there.

    However, in terms of Endo, the Mirena can take up to six months before it works on periods and pain. With me: I could notice an easing after 2 months; by 4 months my periods were just a brown dribble, and by 6 all was wonderful & pain and period free.

    No rant about the unprotected sex. In an ideal world maybe, but in an ideal world we wouldn't have ****** Endo to contend with. Hope it's all okay, but most of us have been there, done that.

    NB Never worry about TMI; that's what these sites are for: again we've all been there. Far far worse things to worry about in the world.

    Take care.

  • I think what I'll do is wait for the scan and then go to the gp because no matter what the scan says I need to go it's as simple as that so hopefully they take me seriously.

    Thank you for the advise and for taking me seriously!! In terms of waiting for the coil to help I really want to stick it out as help is help but without a proper diagnosis I haven't a clue if it will actually help and so far it's just making things worse. I am hoping it's the scenario of making things worse and then better!!

    Again thank you xx

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