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Waiting on diagnosis

I've had the worst time with painful period and ovulation pain for 3 years since my daughter was born. I started having awful pain during intercourse in October and after getting the all clear from an ultrasound looking for cysts, I'm awaiting a referral for suspected endometriosis. I have been suffering from severe exhaustion and constant illness since December bit not sure of its related. I also wasn't told what the procedure would be like to diagnose endometriosis...can anyone fill me in on this?xx

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Hi, sorry to hear you are suffering.

The process to diagnose endometriosis is an operation called a Laproscopy. It's key hole surgery usually with 2 to 3 incisions. They fill you with gas to expand your abdomen for a better view, then use a camera/light to investigate what's causing your pain. You can research a lot about it online. :-) it's usually only a day case and you are able to go home after the op!

Best of luck xxx


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