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Bad day rant

Just thought this would be a good place to rant about my day. I've had about one hour of sleep, due to my stomach hurting so much that it's keeping me awake. The one hour of sleep that I had, the doctors surgery rang me and I didn't answer, but the doctor had said he would have a doctors note ready for me by today so I assumed it was that, so I walked myself to the doctors.

When I got there I was met by the most frustrating receptionist who just said "No, no doctors note here for you." Without even looking for one. So I was like "okay thats fine, can I ask why you rang me this morning?" And for five minutes she was just like "Don't know, sorry." But eventually she said "oh, it was probably just about you going to the hospital for your ultrasound"

I have a doctors appointment booked at the doctors this friday, and my doctor had said I would be having blood tests, an ultrasound, then swabs, which I assumed would be done in that sequence, in the same place, but he hasn't really explained much about whats going to happen to me at all which is making me really anxious. This really confused me so i asked "So, am i still coming here on friday for all the other tests, or do I now have to go to the hospital?" she was like "no, you'll get a letter" I wasn't really getting through to her so I just left, but I'm assuming I still have an appointment on friday, and then a separate one at the hospital for the ultrasound a different day.

But I've only been moved away from home for a year, my mum booked the day off work on friday to drive two and a half hours to me, so that she could come to my appointment with me because I'm terrified of having any sort of internal exam, tests ect, and to find out that now I'd be having a separate thing at the hospital (which is far away and I don't drive) and that she probably can't come with me, I was just in tears when I left the doctors.

To make matters worse, I then went to the pharmacy to get the pain meds the doctor had prescribed me, the woman said I didnt have to wait for it, because it takes them a while, so i said "okay, can i come back in half an hour to get it?" She said it was fine, this was at 12:45.

I came back to pick it up and they were closed at 1, even though she said it was fine to come back then, I was already in tears so I just gave up and went home, only to realise once I had calmed down that they opened again a few hours later, so I walked all the way back and the head pharmacist said I couldn't have my prescription straight away. I had to wait for half an hour because apparently my doctor had put the wrong dosage on the label, far higher than the recommended dosage someone should take, and the pharmacist and the doctor just kept going back and forth at each other over the phone about whether it was too high and dangerous or not.

All in all I hope everyone else has had a less frustrating day than I have.

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Hi imee,

This is definitely the best place to rant, I am so sorry you've had such a bad day and feel like your not getting anywhere with anyone. Unfortunately some receptionists are incredibly rude and have no people skills. I personally would call up your doctors and ask to speak to someone high up maybe the practice manager and ask her what exactly is going on and where your supposed to be when. I understand you want your mum with you it's an incredibly distressing time and I too always have my mum with me.

I hope you managed to get your pain relief and I hope you manage to get some much needed sleep as pain free as possible xx


I am so sorry your day was awful. I too have found the gp surgery very frustrating and often feel like because endometriosis is invisible pain it gets over looked.

I really hope that you have a better day and your pain eases soon. I hope it is some comfort to know you are not alone. X


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