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Retroverted Uterus, Endometriosis and Fertility

Hi all,

I have been trying to concieve now for three years with no success, everything is functioning normally and the same for my husband. I've just had confirmation 4 weeks ago through a laparoscopy that I have severe endometriosis (although I knew myself that I had it). My tubes were clear on my second HSG X-ray but they are stuck to my uterus and my bowel on the left side is adherent too with adhesions. I have left adnexal fullness of my uterus and my uterus is retroverted and appears to be fixed. I have been advised I need an operation for this and have been forwarded onto the Endometriosis specialist but waiting time is about 4 to 5 months. Just wondered if there are people with the same problems as me and what has been done for you? Have any of you been able to concieve after surgery?



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I don't really know what stage of endo I have because the general gynaecologist who did my lap apparently "got it all" when he removed my left tube and ovary as a 7cm endo cyst encompassed it. He did tell me it was very close to my ureter.

Two months post surgery I had a horrific period and another ultrasound saying there was a 5 cm patch where my left ovary should have been and also indications that my uterus is stuck to my bowel. (So really he got 2cm and didn't bother grading it!)

My right ovary is adhered to the UL. The only thing the idiot dr did do is state the only way to conceive would be ivf which got us referred quicker which is good because I'm 38.

I do have a retroverted uterus aswell probably because of the bowel endo.

I've not persued any treatment for endo instead having ivf.

I think they are still very unsure about effects of endo on fertility. If I were you I'd be looking at your ccg guidelines for ivf funding are and see if you meet them as a back up plan but I guess depends on age etc. I got referred in June and only just on first nhs cycle now so it doesn't happen quickly

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Thanks for your message. I'm with a fertility clinic and they were quite keen for me to go straight down the IVF route as I am eligible for funding (I'm 34) and not bother with the lap but I wanted to know if I do have endometriosis and if there was only a little they would remove it there and then. As it turned out, I do have it and it's severe and nothing was removed. I went back to the fertility clinic last week to discuss my results and the fertility doctor thinks I should go for the op and then I might be able to fall pregnant naturally. This happened to one of friends recently and so think it's worth a try. I would prefer to fall pregnant naturally if possible, I'm not great with needles. If after the op I'm still unable to get pregnant then I might think about going down the IVF route. I hope it all goes smoothly for you and your are successful on your first round.



Oh you have some time then. Our ccg stops funding at 39 so I didn't have time to excise and try naturally.

Hope it all goes well x

I got a positive on my pregnancy test Monday on our first ivf round :-) still do t believe it. But three tests later it's still positive!

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That's great news, so happy for you xx :)


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