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Back pain?

Hi i was trying to get pregnant thought i wae no period turned out never getting it and not pregnant. OCT 2015 was diagnosed Nov 2015 1st lap Dec2015 got pregnant Jan 2016 miscarried. All of last year idk of it was grief...immobility because of the heavy bleeding and pain but i gained up to 30 pounds. I have swollen feet and hands almost all the time. Im due for an endo check up soon but im tired of the pain pill regiment but im not ready for a hysterectomy. Recently i have notice pain in my tailbone like i feel and bruised it (which i didnt) and like electric sensation in my.lower back.. especially when i cough or sneeze anyone else have this? Any comment is appreciated...tried of feeling like a freak when i try to talk with friends about this.

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Hmm I'm suffering alot with back.pains it worsten when on periods I've notice and it also comes and goes..... Have they refered you to gyneo?


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