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I have just been diagnosed after many years of heavy and irregular periods when I happened to see a different GP and had an US scan. I am nearly 50 w no kids and am told I have fibroids and a 4.5cms endometrioma. Mirena would not go in (ham fisted GP, sore and bleeding for 5 days after with no options given for alternatives) and GP was not willing to do anything due to my age presumably as near menopause despite having no symptoms. I pushed for progesterone to stop periods as were every 2 weeks so just started on that. I take tranexamic acid to reduce heavy bleeding. Not suffered much pain beyond dull ache but do get fatigue. GPs have never asked me what symptoms I have! Having another US in 3m. I would like a referral to a specialist, can I ask for one? Am worried as cyst may burst or twist and don't know how far it has spread. Fibroids are relatively small.


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You should certainly ask for a referral to a gynaecologist with a 4.5cm endometrioma, ideally to a BSGE specialist endometriosis centre. With an endometrioma of that size the specialist may wish to remove it, I think it's on the edge of the size where removal would be recommended. Definitely a referral would be the best place to start and I think your GP is wrong not to suggest this xxx

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Thanks for the info, I didn't know such things existed. I will definitely make a formal request for a referral after my follow up US scan.


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