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Endometriosis battle at age 17


I was diagnosed last year at age 17 with stage 2. I then under went a long operation to remove the endrometriosis tissue, however recently my pain is back I have been taking the pill for a number of year to counteract the constant pain and regulate periods. I'm only 18 and I suffer from almost constant chronic pain. My a level studies are being compromised meaning I have to study a year longer. I'm struggling to come to terms with my diagnosis and that a year of my life has been altered due to this pain. I was wondering whether anyone had any tips on controlling or distracting pain especially when studying? I have tried a number of pain medications and heat.

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Hi, it's rotten isn't it.

I find hot baths help, avoiding gluten and lactose, and gentle exercise as often as I can help. Also . mindfulness and relaxation.

I also have to pace myself. I can't do too much on one day. If I have a busy day I get sorer.

I don't eat any ready meals etc and avoid alcohol ( and non-prescription drugs )

I eat a lot of veg, some fruit, nuts etc. And some dark chocolate :-/

It is very hard when you have to limit your life and can't do all the stuff others are doing. I think it is ok to get angry and fed up sometimes but I try and limit it to 15 mins then I give myself a shake and say one of my mantras

Where I am now is where I'm meant to be.

What will be will be

I like myself unconditionally

Hope some of that helps. X c


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