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Thank you for taking the time to read this. I was diagnosed with endometriosis 3 years ago by diagnostic lap at [edited to comply with our code of conduct]. The endo wasn't removed at the time but my consultant advised just taking 3 months supply of northiestrone back to back instead. To cut a long story short, I since moved for University and got the mirena coil, which expelled itself after a few weeks due to very heavy bleeding and cramps. On Friday I started my first time of the month since before the Mirena was inserted, it was incredibly painful, I was shaking, throwing up and when I passed out my partner took me into A & E. They took me up to me gynae who have scanned me and are happy there is nothing else going on this is just an endo flare up. They have been giving me oramorph, dihydrocodiene, paracetamol, diclofenac and buscopan for the pain, I'm having to take the oramorph every hour so I'm not in tears and throwing up in pain. I heard the nurses moan about how often I was asking for pain relief and then all of a sudden no-one came near me for 2 hours, I was sobbing my eyes out on the bed in pain, throwing up. I kept buzzing and people said they would go ask a nurse, but didn't come back. After 2 and 1/2 hours a nurse dumped down some oramorph on her way past without saying anything. I'm just really worried this is now going to keep happening and I can't take that level of pain here where they are meant to help especially. Does anyone have any tips? I'm also getting the mirena re-fitted this afternoon so am worried about how painful it's going to be especially as I'm already in pain and they've decided to pick and choose when they give me pain relief. They also said on the ultrasound my left ovary looked bulky if that means anything? All help gratefully recieved and thank you for reading!

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  • The nurse has just informed that the doctors are sending me home as I am fit to go home in their eyes despite not being able to stand up straight, throwing up with pain and the pain making me cry without the morphine. I'm just so sore and tired and feel so hopeless. These are the people that are meant to care as a profession????

  • Is there another hospital nearby you could go to?

    So sorry for your pain .. it is really rubbish :(

  • Thank you for the reply, my partner came in and said that it was unacceptable and they couldn't send me home in such pain and threatened to complain, then all of a sudden it became "we must have crossed wires", now am staying overnight and they have changed the morphine for oxycontin which seems to be doing the trick.

  • This is appalling. I'm so sorry you're having to deal with this. I've also had terrible hospital experiences which have now left me with a strong fear of them. I recently had what the dr think was an endometrioma cyst rupture and even though I was terrified and in agony I refused to go. This is not what you need when you're dealing with Endo. I'm glad your boyfriend was there to kick up a fuss. It shouldn't have been needed. Maybe ask your boyfriend to document everything that has happened in case you later decide to put in a complaint-you have enough to deal with experiencing this level of pain.

    Good luck. I hope the flare up calms soon and you're able to go home. Make sure when you are sent home you receive sufficient pain medication. Xx

  • In regard to having the mirena refitted really put your foot down regarding pain management. Remember it's YOUR body and they can't do anything without your consent. Hopefully others will respond regarding a second fitting and whether it's worth it after the first one was expelled. I'm very glad you have a supportive partner xx

  • Thank you so much for your reply, much appreciated. My boyfriend has done as you suggested and started to document everything as he was not impressed with my treatment yesterday, I don't know what I would have done without him! The pain seems to be easing slightly today so fingers crossed it continues to do so, they're still pushing to fit the Mirena, but I've been quite firm that I'm not getting fitted until my pain is under control. Thank you again for the reply!

  • Oh you're welcome and I'm glad things are sounding more positive today. You so need someone supportive there when dealing with this stuff so I'm glad your boyfriend is helping. Good luck with the mirena. It does help quite a lot of women so hopefully this time it will be a success. And well done on staying firm regarding only having it inserted when the pain is controlled. It's so typical to go along with whatever they say as you're scared, they're the professionals and you just want to go home but you are the one in control of your own body. I haven't had the mirena but for internal ultrasounds I have to take a mild muscle relaxant due to horrid past experiences. Maybe that could help you with the insertion? It would obviously depend on what pain meds you're on at that time so that it's safe to have both but it might be worth having a chat with someone (or getting your boyfriend to). It's hard to stay relaxed when you've had a bad experience and associate the procedure with more pain! Take care xx

  • Thanks, I'll have to ask about muscle relaxant, didn't even think of those! The pain hasn't eased too much, I'm still requiring Oxycontin for pain every hour or so, I just had a nurse tell me off for needing more pain meds and that it's ridiculous I still need more and my pain isn't under control and that I really can't be in that much pain. She's off to speak the doctors about it and I have a funny feeling that by the end of it I won't be getting anything other than paracetamol! Sorry for the rant!!

  • Hi Daisy. How have things gone?x

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