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I'm lost

Hi guys , I'm still waiting on an appointment with gyne for laparoscopy and had another period this last weekend that has set me right back to the beginning. I'm so fed up dr says can't do anything other than keep taking the tramadol and using your tens machine. Had to hand in another 4 week line to work and it's really getting to me . Why is this happening? Where did my life go? Why am I so exhausted from being exhausted? My weight is piling on , going for a walk floors me the next day and it feels as though my family are getting fed up with it too. I've never felt so alone .

Please tell me others feel or have felt like this and there is light at the end of the tunnel.

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I feel like this all the time 😞 Hope you get your surgery soon Xxxx


I feel your pain and I'm so sorry its shit circumstances but hopefully your sorted out quick and you get some relief xx


Aw Huni I know its difficult but things do get better. Iv have Endometriosis for the past 5 years and due to have my third laparoscopy in 3 days time. Over the past 5 years i have found some amazing remedies. Two of my favorites are the Passion Flower tablets from a high street health food shop for Anxiety, stress and mood swings) and Clary Sage Oil also from a high street health food shop (this is a god send. It really relax's you).

If i makes you feel any better i have been out of the office 11 weeks now. I can however work from home so my sick note says i can work from home if i feel fit, which i have been doing.

In my experience i'd advise you keep on at your doctor. Keep going back weekly asking for more and more help and that you cant cope. Once you get your referral keep ringing their Secretary for cancellations.

Keep trying the exercise it does help. And dont worry about the weight. I am exactly the same but know as soon as you have had you Op your hormone levels drop back to normal and while your recovering it falls off you.

Stay strong huni xxxx


I am feeling exactly the same at the minute! So you're definitely not alone! I don't know what to say to make you feel better unfortunately if I knew I'd help myself too! You're not alone! I hope you get your date soon xx


You need to work out a strategy of management as surgery is not a cure all. Mine completely failed so I wouldn't necessarily pin all your hope that it's some miracle (hope it does though) .. you need to address your weight first of all .. Especially before surgery, as can lead to complications .. Exercise and healthy diet. You say exercise floors you!? Take it easy and build yourself up slowly .. Fitness takes a while to gain. Thirdly you need to address your mood and mindset! Yoga!? Just an idea .. What you doing medically to suppress your endo!? If nothing, try the pill .. You will have to try after surgery, so might as Well try before .. I was put on progesterone before my surgery but it failed so now I'm combine, 3 months straight, then a break! Surgery isn't a cure for endo.. It can be for some, but not for others, it can last a year, 2, then come straight back! So you need a long term plan when dealing with a chronic illness .. Good luck


Thank you everyone. I finally have a date for gyne consultant . Hopefully get some results soon.


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