bowel movement hell

Well... if you look at any of my previous posts&comments you'll know the full story but I won't go into it now as I could rant for days!

I wanted to ask does anyone bleed after bowel movements? Like does going for a number 2 set off your 'period'. I couldn't call my bleeding a period as its constant, but over the past few days its been slowing but the pains pretty bad still. I didn't have discharge the entirety of today and only bled a little suddenly yesterday.. other than that nothing for the past 48 hours other than a little discharge yesterday just after the bleeding stopped (sorry if tmi but the horrible brown gooey stringy type which I've had almost non-stop since the coil). I went for a BM today and not only did it hurt like hell it set off my bleeding... I had a bit of a canoodle with my partner, nothing physical done to me but it still set of cramps just me being turned on (and this was before the BM) and that didn't set off bleeding but the BM did... I've had it happen a few times before but its just getting silly now.

Also during the BM, over the past few weeks I have felt almost powerless when it comes to pushing it out... like I just don't feel like I'm doing anything or my body just doesn't let me push its like I've lost the strength. So I have to wait until I REALLY need to go to be able to have any actually come out of its own accord. Even then, I have to do some pushing and it REALLY hurts my lower right side, which has been a problem for a while but if I had the pain at any other time THAT bad I would have panicked about something more sinister, but as the lower right side seems to be a pain point for my period pains anyway and coil pain... I just assume its connected...

PLEASE can people tell me about their experiences with everything bowel related when it comes to endo... I'm not diagnosed yet but convinced it must be endo and the gyne is trying me on this damn coil before I get referred for the lap.

Sorry for rambling!!!

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  • Hi there - I'm sorry you're having to go through this, it sounds horrible.

    I had endo on my colon and rectum, among other places. My main symptom was incredible pain with bowel movements during the first few days of my period, and in the few months prior to my excision surgery I had this at other times in the month too. I believe some people can also have trouble with constipation/diarrhea with endo on the bowels, or blood in stool, but I didn't have this.

    My consultant always asked me if I found blood in my stool, as that was a potential sign of the endo infiltrating the bowel, which is quite serious. If you have an MRI scan, it would most likely show this If it were the case.

    I know gynys often try and get you to try Mirena or contraceptives before surgery, as if your symptoms improve its an indication you could have endo. For me, I had been on the combined pill and still had pain, but it noticeably worsened when I came off the pill, at which point I went to my doctor and eventually had my excision surgery. I was offered the Mirena but didn't want it after hearing other people's experiences of it - that was my choice and doesn't necessarily mean the Mirena doesn't work for everyone though.

    I would recommend looking into BSGE centres. These are specialist hospitals that specifically treat endometriosis on the bowel, as it can be more complex. If you're having symptoms of bowel endo, perhaps try and get referred to one of these hospitals, which I believe you can do on the NHS.

    I hope this helps, and good luck with whatever you choose to do.

  • Thank you for the reply. I don't have blood in stool atm and whenever I do I just assume it's from the 2 fissures that I have that sometimes decide to cause hell. I wish I could say what point in my cycle it is worst but I just don't have a cycle really it's just always bleeding and discharge and pain almost every day so I have no clue!

    As for contraception many of them do work to begin with.. but after a year or so on them they just stop working.. implant lasted 9 months ish and the last 2 months was constant bleeding, injection lasted about the same but I gave it another 3 month chance but within 2 weeks I was bleeding again.. the pill just doesn't touch it and I'm always bleeding.. and so far the mirena is not good at all...

    As for the BSGE hospital I kept seeing it pop up on some comments to people's posts so I looked up where my nearest one was and I have to say I have been very lucky. I had a referral that I could pick out of 4 hospitals for my gyne and I picked ST Michael's in Bristol for sake of convenience and it was offering a sooner appointment although in the end that didn't matter as I had the appointment boosted urgently anyway.. but I am already being seen in a BSGE hospital so hopefully if they do the lap the right people will be there seeming as endo is suspected!

    I'm just so tired about this all.. I'd like to be able to go to the loo without curling over in pain or just not being able to go -.- it is assumed I have ibs as I do suffer with erratic changes so one minute I'll be badly constipated and the next I'll have very loose stool.. at this point I just want this coil out and a damn diagnosis!!

    Thank you so much for commenting it's made me feel a little better about the situation.. people keep saying about the MRI scans to other people but my gp and gyne never mentioned it as an option o.O surely that should be the next step and then a lap.. although I guess if they are doing the lap anyway it doesn't make too much of a difference?

    Thank you again!! Xx

  • Hi, I really struggle to go to the loo. I'm not constipated because its practically clockwork. BUT i really struggle to push - soooo painful. I used to be sat on the toilet for around 30 mins. I have also bled a few times whilst going. I have only found 2 things that help. 1 fruit smoothie; strawberries, blueberries and bananas. 2 Iron tablet - ferrous fur mate as i'm also anaemic. But since i've been taking these tablets i've had no problems at all x x

  • Hi, I can really sympathise! These pains are like no other. Sometimes I feel like I'm going to pass out. My gyn suspects bowel endometriosis, after seeing so many stories of it being such a delicate area to operate on, I cancelled my lap out of fear. I know I will have to get it done at some point if I ever want some relief...

    The symptoms I get are similar to yours but I've never had blood. During my period I'd rather not go to the toilet than go through that. It makes me feel like I'm going to pass out.

    One of the worst things is before and during my period I feel stabbing pains in my rectum and I have to brace myself for them. I'll be walking around and when I feel them coming I have to stop in my tracks and hold back the's so difficult and emotionally draining. I want to go to a BSGE clinic but I don't know if you need to have your lap done first, I'm assuming so. Hope you get a diagnosis soon xx

  • I get the same stabs! It is awful because even thought they are relatively short-lived, they are super intense. It is also hard to explain to others around you why you convulse to the ground or straight as a board like you're being tortured, then have to move on like nothing happened.

    I have not had a lap done, though the Dr said I can do one whenever I'm ready. Right now I am too scared because of the sensitivity of the surgery.

  • Thankfully I am almost always around my boyfriend but even he looks at me like 'what the hell is happening' when I start kicking my legs to be straight and leaning either very far back or forward! It seems funny after though as I imagine how weird I looked but during it its not so fun!

    I have an ultrasound to check my mirena next week and of it is still in place then I have to decide how much longer I give it and then I'll get a lap... hopefully.. especially as its coming up almost 8 years suffering if not longer and around 5/6 years trying to get help with only a few months of that time actually being taken semi-seriously! Although I completely understand why you'd put it off as it is a very scary operation!! A lot of mental prep is needed for it I'd assume xx

  • It is very draining!! I have only ever had blood when my fissures tear a little.. but today I've been having bad pain lower left ribcage and same place but in my back.. struggled to go toilet a few times and just gave up as the force just wasn't enough.. not much pain though.. finally managed to go and it wasn't painful at all, yet I had blood. And it wasn't like fissure blood that's fresh and bright red it was pink and red but streaked in the stool?! Then after that like usual recently I started period bleeding a little and the cramps started. It's infuriating because if I don't go I get bowel pain but when I do go I get both bowel and uterus cramps!! No way I'm winning this! I finally got my ultrasound to make sure the coil hasn't perforated anywhere but that's 2 weeks away!! You'd think they'd like to know asap seeming as they can't explain why I'm in so much pain and can't find the strings!! URGH! I just want some sort of answer as uni exams start in a month and I don't want to be in agony throughout 2 hours of writing!!

    Thanks for the responses guys!! Xxx

  • Can you go see your GP, pain near the ribs and streaks during a bowel movement could be related to an ulcer, which develop from painkillers. It could also be your bowels pushing up on the ribs which is a sign of having a bowel issue too.

  • So I have a really complicated history of bowel issues, and it's often hard for me to tell what's bowel pain and what's endo pain.

    I had bloating after meals and constipation for years. I started getting small amounts of blood in stool just prior to my laparoscopy. This actually made me feel urgent to get the lap, but in the end the surgeon was not good.

    After my laparoscopy, all hell broke loose. I was in constant pain. My intestines had been adhered somehow to my abdominal wall.

    I had frequent nausea, terrible rectal pain and heaviness with my periods. Every morning I would be awoken by SEVERE sharp pain in my abdomen and rectum. It would last about 60 seconds then I'd have several bouts of steatorrhea. I'd have diarrhea and constipation in the same movement. I often felt like I was trying to digest steel wool.

    I had an endoscopy which did not find infiltrating endo. The doctor did think she that she felt rectal nodules during an exam.

    I ended up going gluten and dairy free and the abdominal pain is much better. I am very strict and I have given up processed food for a year. It has made a big improvement in my pain. But I do have constant left side pain and terrible allover pain with sex. I suspect rectal-vaginal endo but haven't gone for more surgery.

    I'm sorry if this is all over the place, but it's hard to disentangle endo and gastrointestinal pain. I suspect for women with endo, diet change can play a role in symptom reduction.

    Frankly it seems strange to me for doctors to aggressively push the coil. It might not be helpful. You seem to have symptoms of deeper endo. Are they sending you to have an endoscopy to check for infiltrating endo? It sounds like you need a specialist.

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