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no break in pill, still in pain

Hi guys.

I recently took my pill straight through for the first time in a while because of different things and I know this is supposed to stop your ovulation but I am still in a lot of pain like I was when I had the breaks.

Does this mean I don't have endo because it's meant to stop that? I'm currently being treated by a gynaecologist but not confirmed endo yet?

Any help would be appreciated!

Thank you!

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Hi, I suspect I have endo. I have been on the pill from a young age. I have pelvic pain and my stomach is constantly swollen and I have trouble urinating. I still have all of these symptoms when I'm on the pill... I have a break every month and this is when the pain is unbearable and painkillers don't help a great deal. My pain lasts for about a week after my period finished so I'm in pain for 2 weeks out of the month.

My GP told me the pill is a form of treatment for endo. But I suspect the pill, in my case, has slowed the growth so I may have gotten worse at a younger age had I not been on the pill for so long.

With regards to finding out if you have endo, I would wait until the GYN tells you for sure



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