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Hi everyone I had my diagnostic laparoscopy this morning! All went well and I surprisingly feel really well only a few aches and pains I'm hoping this will continue not get worse! Anyway they didn't find any endo and said everything was normal and also done a dye test in my tubes that was all normal too! I guess I am just destined for bad period pain and whatever else goes with it 😩. So my question is I was ttc for 8 months over a year ago but decided to put it on hold to get checked out first so I went back on cerelle pill to help me cope with pain (not having any periods) which is great but now I'm wondering when I should stop taking it to start ttc again? My gynae said whenever I want to, however I've heard that your first period is really bad after lap will this be the case for me even if they didn't find endo? As I suffer bad anyway I'm thinking should I wait a few months to make sure it's healed properly or just go for it now? Also some people say your more fertile after dye test?! Any help appreciated, sorry for a very long question!!! X

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  • As they didn't find endo and so didn't do any excision/laser work I think if you want to try to get pregnant you shouldn't bother with taking the pill. Possibly your first period might be more painful than normal but taking the pill will only delay ttc. It's only my opinion but I would stop the pill xxx

  • Hi honey. I agree with Janines post above. I'm assuming you had your lap performed by a specialist? If so then that's great- you're endo free (lucky lady). Means the pill is only good for ensuring a lighter period rather than inhibiting endo growth. If there's no other problems then I'd say ditch the pill and get started on family making! I had my first period after a lap last week and it was absolutely fine- didn't need any painkillers at all so its not inevitable that you'll have a bad experience. Best of luck with ttc, must be so frustrating when everything is normal! Xx

  • Thanks for your replies x I just know that my periods are excruciatingly painful so I didn't want to risk it being worse as il be healing from surgery x it is great that I don't have endo however I wish I had some answers for the pain! I think I may keep taking it for a month then stop just to give it a little time to heal just incase! X

  • Hello .

    They didn't find anything when I had the laprascopy and dye test . I bleed for a few weeks after. And the period was awful the first one after it. But I have heavy periods anyway so not sure if it was because of that.

    When ever you feel ready to come off them would be the time to . wishing you all the best xx

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